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The most common mistakes in bed – see what to avoid in your bedroom

How often does it happen that the mood when you are making love suddenly vanishes? Sometimes just one ill-considered gesture can cause resentment in your partner, and the desire for sex is gone. Learn the infamous list of the most common mistakes made in bed and check what not to do during a romantic intercourse.

The responsibility for failures in sexual life rests with both partners, so try as often as possible to talk to each other about sex and openly communicate your needs. The more often you let your partner understand what you expect in the bedroom, the greater the likelihood that your sex life will be successful. Of course, it works both ways, so listen carefully and observe the reactions of your partner to know how to please them. To avoid the “typical” mistakes, explore the common causes of failures in the bed – this is a must-read for both women and men.

Nobody can read your mind

Repeat this obvious statement every time you go to bed. Even an experienced lover needs guidance – every woman is different and different types of caressing bring her to orgasm. What is more, even the same woman can have a different mood and very different expectations every day. No one will guess that at this particular moment you feel like romantic ecstasy or a fast energetic quickie – tell your partner what you want or make them understand without words. You surely know how to do this.

Faking orgasm

This is definitely one of the worst sins for women. If you make love with a man and pretend pleasure, you let him think that the technique which he has applied so far brings you great pleasure. The man will therefore continue to apply the same touch and the same caresses, convinced that it works – thereby you condemn yourself to a lack of a real orgasm in the future. It is a vicious circle which has absolutely no positive sides. Do not do anything by force, and do not pretend. Remember that sex is to be a pleasure for the both of you. And finally, remember one thing: your partner will certainly appreciate one true orgasm more than the hundreds of fake spasms.

Passivity and lack of initiative

It is widely accepted that a man should initiate sex. His task is to start passionate foreplay, and then decide on the positions and dictate the pace of intercourse. Except, the Middle Ages have long gone. If you turn your back in the evening and fall asleep, it is no wonder that your partner will begin to watch TV. You should be aware that men love to feel the desire of their partner and like to see how she takes over. If you want to play, initiate it. Wear sexy lingerie, light romantic candles, cuddle up to your man. It’s really a lot easier than you think.

Lack of hygiene

In spite of appearances, it is a much more common problem than you may think. Especially in long-term relationships. Both men and women should keep in mind that despite the strong and long-standing relationship with a partner, it is always worthwhile taking care of themselves and emphasize their sexual attractiveness. Every one of us likes to lie in bed next to a fragrant, fresh body. Do not disregard the evening shower, and if you are a woman – take care of the regular epilation and apply scrubs so that your man can enjoy a perfectly smooth and delicate body. It works!

Too short foreplay

It is commonly known that a man is much easier to arouse – the excitement builds up from the sight of a sexy women and he really just needs a few minutes to be fully ready for action. Unfortunately, women need something more – longer caresses, greater sensitivity and passion. Men who forget about this can seriously expose themselves to the anger of their partner. No woman wants sex unless she is prepared for it psychologically and physiologically. The lack of a proper warm-up is not only a source of a bad mood, but most of all vaginal dryness, resulting in pain and abrasions.

Ignoring the erogenous zones

Many men and women have trouble remembering that erogenous zones in both sexes extend much further beyond the genitals. To enjoy multi-dimensional sensations, you should not ignore the delicate skin on the neck, back, thighs or buttocks. Your man will certainly be aroused by gentle biting of his ears, kissing or touching his neck. A woman, in turn, will appreciate every caress of the many other parts of her body than the clitoris and breasts, because her whole body is one big erogenous zone. Properly treated, it can be a source of unusual intimate experience.

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