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How to maintain passion in a long-term relationship?

In the initial phase of falling in love, passion is something you do not have to strive for. After years of having sex with the same partner in the same bed, unfortunately the temperature drops. How to regain the joy of sex in a long-term relationship? Find the ways to heat up the atmosphere day by day.

It is understandable that after a few years in a relationship, desire subsides. Sex often becomes a predictable routine … and is just ordinary. It is necessary to ensure the return of passion and constant kindling of the atmosphere in bed, as physical love is not only about satisfying the needs of the flesh – it is primarily about the construction of an intimate relationship that gives us wings at any age, and at every stage of the relationship.

Love your body

Physical attractiveness is very important for a successful sex life. And it is not all about having the figure of a model, but about accepting your body and taking care of your figure. Your partner will not notice your love handles but he will certainly remember the touch of your silky smooth skin. So it is worth first of all to moisturise and care for your body.

The fact that you are together for a long time does not mean that wearing stretched tracksuits is OK. Your partner will still want to watch you in sexy dresses and high heels – even in bed. Take care of you and your partner’s physicality, because the way you see each other every day largely determines whether you will feel like having sex in the evening.

Soothing touch

Physical closeness should unite people in love not only in the bedroom. You should know that a friendly touch in normal everyday situations can work wonders. A touched person feels loved, accepted, and more self-confident. All because the physical proximity is conducive to the secretion of serotonin, a hormone responsible for feelings of happiness and a good mood.

Remember about a tender kiss when you say goodbye before leaving for work. Pat your partner’s back, when you are standing in the supermarket checkout line. Hold hands during a walk together. As a result, you will prevent the creation of a barrier that would make it difficult to initiate intimate contact. Hug as often as possible, and at night, mutual touch will be the most natural thing in the world.

Fuelling the fire

After several years in a relationship, passion and desire are not as intense as at the beginning. This is quite normal, but you do not have to agree with the temperature drop. It only depends on you how you look at each other every morning and spend the evening together. To stoke positive feelings for your partner, remember the experience of your last successful sex. Think about how you felt on your first dates and try to rebuild the old desires. This is easier than you think.

Sexy lingerie, affectionate text messages, spicy proposals – take care of the details, so that you still get pleasure from your nights together. Remember that the evening atmosphere is built throughout the day, so start with a positive approach already in the morning, Also, go on a date from time to time – a meeting where you will not talk about loans, kids or shopping. Use this time just to fuel and nurture your feelings.

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