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5 ideas for an exciting foreplay
The beginning of the sexual game is the time in which you should awaken your senses, increase desire, and tune in to the delightful experience. As in every area of life, this can also be overtaken by routine. Explore these 5 ideas for pleasurable foreplay that will arouse you in previously unknown ways.

1. (Very) long caresses

Long massaging, stroking, touching and kissing the entire body was not invented by women thirsty for sensitivity. Biology developed everything in such a way that touching could stimulate the production of the hormones responsible for the physiological preparation for intercourse. Arrange an evening full of cuddles and caresses – take your time taking off clothes and especially with striving to orgasm. You can agree to kiss your entire bodies except for the most obvious, erogenous zones. Do it tenderly, slowly and carefully, allowing tensions to increase – and when the excitement reaches its peak, your sex will be much more intense and more exciting than usual.

2. Toy store

The popularity of intimate gadgets has increased with the prevalence of on-line sex-shops. Access to sex toys is now much easier, and the discomfort associated with a visit behind the tightly closed red door of a neighbourhood sex-shop has gone to rest. You can see the entire range of products on-line without hurry or embarrassment, and then order the selected gadgets without leaving home. Equip yourselves with toys that will enrich your long romantic evenings. Experiment with vibrators, sexy disguises or plush handcuffs. You may be surprised how much more it will heat the atmosphere in your bedroom.

3. Appetite for sex

To spice up the delightful fun, it is worth not only stimulating the senses of sight and smell, but also… taste. It is not without reason that Japanese geisha served seafood to the men off their own naked bodies. Try to prepare a similar feast – lie down naked and let your partner arrange mouth-watering delicacies on your body, that he will later lick off your body or will feed you mouth to mouth. Whipped cream, or special edible underwear that you can easily buy in a store with erotic gadgets, are suitable for such feasts.

4. Erotic massage

A relaxing touch has many faces. A relaxing, erotic massage helps alleviate tension and will be a great introduction to the delightful sex experience. Light several scented candles in the bedroom, play appropriate mood music and surprise your loved one with a massage and essential oils. Their aroma should not be too intense; choose lavender for example. Gently massage every part of the body, especially focusing on the neck and lower back. Leave the erogenous zones for the end, once the partner is completely relaxed.

5. Shared bath

Sex in a bathtub may not be so comfortable unless it is a whirlpool, or at least a large triangular bath. A shared bath can be a great start to a romantic evening. Add a few drops of essential oil with an aphrodisiac to the bath water, and light a few candles. Romantic moments can be enriched with a glass of champagne or your favourite wine. Hot water additionally stimulates the blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels to facilitate blood flow to critical organs as well … So after the bath, get ready for a very intense experience.

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