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Don’t Disregard Sore Throat

Sore throat, often accompanying colds or flu, usually associated with minor infections, is often disregarded. A big mistake! Learn what a persistent sore throat can be a symptom of and how to get rid of it promptly and effectively.

The most common reason of a discomfort, pain or itching in your throat is a virus or bacterial infection. Depending on the intensity of the inflammation, more symptoms can occur, such as painful swelling, hoarseness, burning pain and dryness. It is not a popular knowledge that sore throat can also be caused by gingivitis, caries, and even some kidney conditions. In order to prevent an acute inflammation, tonsillitis or chronic respiratory infections, start treating the symptoms as early as possible using home remedies. If there is no improvement, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Home remedies

Throat pain caused by common viruses or bacteria usually eases on its own within several days and disappears completely. However, you can accelerate the recovery and alleviate painful symptoms using home remedies. Warming drinks are very helpful, so it is recommended to drink a lot of fluids, such as hot tea with lemon juice, honey or raspberries. Herbal teas, such as linden or elderberry, are equally good, plus they have antiseptic properties.

Gargling with sage, camomile or oak bark infusion is another effective home remedy. Herbal rinses help combat inflammation and painful swelling. However, don’t gargle too frequently or too vigorously to avoid any further irritation of the the sensitive oesophagus walls.

From the Pharmacy

Over-the-counter lozenges available in pharmacies are also very helpful in alleviating the painful symptoms. But remember that they only work on the surface of the mucous membrane, relieving symptoms rather than healing the underlying infection. Sucking lozenges increases salivation, which also helps ease sore throat. You can also buy special sprays and ready-to-use rinses in your pharmacy. Sprays are particularly good, as they allow a precise application to the area that needs to be disinfected, thus promptly reducing the discomfort.

Remember that a throat pain can be a sign of more serious conditions, therefore it is wise not to disregard it in hope that it will “go away” on its own. If the pain does not ease or intensifies despite using home remedies and OTC medications available from pharmacies, see your doctor, who will determine the cause of your problem.

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